Taitu- Ethiopian Beauty for Master Porcelain

The Italian designer Emilio Bergamin, from Veneto, with the first branch in Milan, had a special penchant for colorful decors and detailed natural landscapes. He wanted to depict the great feelings, liveliness and colors, the beauty of the world on porcelain. The most magnificent colors and landscapes should fire the imagination of the customers, inspire them, stimulate creativity and invite them to dine at the festively set table. It should reflect a poetic view of the world through the play of colors and the natural worlds depicted. His goal is to mix colours, moods and shapes in order to have the most valuable moment at the table. Room for dreams and visions. His mix and match concept. So he dealt with the effect of different shapes and colors, playing with colors, such as his bright corals, colorful mountain shrubs or gently shimmering flowers. His design should bring new ideas, so his credo. Hence his dedication to reinterpreting porcelain.

Taitu Betul, was an Etopian empress, 1889-1913. She was sung about in Italy for her beauty and magic among children. Taitu aims to capture the beauty of the world through rich colors and luminous landscapes.